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Monday, June 13th 2016

5:09 PM

My Obsession

One of the things that filled my life with happiness is collecting vintage teacup sets. I am absolutely obsessed with these beautiful and gorgeous teacups.

Interestingly, vintage or antique teacups still enduring its beauty and value where many collectors are dying to own these pieces mainly for their dainty designs and of historical value.

As a collector of vintage tea cups, I am profoundly elated with my obsession. Actually, I was able to collect 60 sets of Fine Bone China tea cups from manufacturers like Royal Albert, Royal Stafford, Queen Anne, Wedgwood, Edwin Knowles and many more.

It is quite challenging and exciting to acquire a piece of vintage tea cup set mainly because of limited sources here in my place. Though I was able to buy in some surplus stores but  products are few due to a large volume of customers. I therefore spent some amount of money to buy those pieces with long standing testament to timeless style and elegant craftsmanship through Etsy.UK and its fulfilling.

With my collections, there is no such thing as a boring day if one is surrounded by these pretty, gorgeous and fabulous vintage cups and saucers which are so lovely and not meant to be hidden away. 


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Saturday, June 11th 2016

9:33 PM

A Dream Fulfilled

I was once dreaming of knowing how to bake and decorate a cake. My memory still serving me well since I still remember during younger days which I had this lilttle envy to some of my friends who were equipped with baking tools that probably made them easier to bake a cake.

Honestly, I was once fascinated with cakes but it was a bit difficult for me to buy one because of money constraints. Yes I celebrated birthdays in my early life without a cake to slice that even on simple cake my widowed mom can not afford to buy. 

Believing in the thought of having a cake in your birthday is a grandiose celebration that is why I felt a bit sad when celebrating my birthdays without blowing candles in the cake.

Now when looking back to my younger days, it keeps me motivating to achieve the things which I dont have. This is the reason why I am painstakingly learning and practicing baking as well as cake decorating through watching videos in the internet. It is a self learning yet fulfilling because it helped me achieve my dream.

As I gaze upon my cake creations, I can not resist but have the feeling of being in cloud nine. I never thought I can make almost a hundred cake designs in one year of baking. This made me realize that nothing is impossible if you only have the courrage to do the things you want to do.


Aside from a learning experience, establishing good relationship with clients and earning income contribute a colorful journey in life's day by day events.

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Saturday, June 11th 2016

7:55 PM

An Elusive Dream

Embracing fashion trend is what some people’s motivation to fit in this modern world. It is a fad that some men and women can not resist but rather make it as a passion. One of the most identified fashion passion of women is bags. Obviously, fashionable women are looking at authenticity of signature bags and its material composition.. No one can deny that having an excellent choice of bags exude elegance to someone wearing it. The thought of emphasizing status symbol makes it even transparent in understanding people who are fond of using authentic luxurious bags. Owning a handbag of reputable brand like Hermes Birkin is a bit of an achievement in the world of bag collections. It is notable that Hermes Birkin is considered as a handbag of all handbags as well as safe to say that it is the most coveted bag in the world. 
Undeniably, with the materials it comprise, Hermes Birkin stands out among other brands of luxurious bags. As you can see, the quality of the material used which is of a highest grade leather. To add more, the kind of hardware it has like zipper, lock, keys, studs and other decorative hardware plus the golden ticket are all authentic and made of precious metals. It is more credible to say that Hermes Birkin is highly recommended bags for bag collectors considering their distinctively trained craftsmen behind its production. 
For the first time, I learned Hermes Birkin  from a friend who is a self confessed bag addict  which helped me believe that indeed Hermes Birkin is the most beautiful and extremely well made bag because she owned one. My curiosity has proven what other bag collectors pronouncement regarding Hermes Birkin bags. While most women are dying to own luxurious bags like Hermes Birkin yet this remains an elusive dream given its expensive cost. This is a no ordinary fashion because everyone knows that having a Hermes Birkin handbag is only possible for elite women like millionaires and celebrities maybe for reasons that of true fashion and social statement.
 For women who are lovers of beautiful craftsmanship, I presume they will find means that would probably indulge tremendously their bag obsession but owning one Hermes Birkin is a no simple task unless you are millions wealthier.  Exactly, a huge amount of money is precisely the greatest weapon to reach your ultimate dream of having an Hermes Birkin bag. To have an idea,  according to Baghunter.com, price ranges from 10, 000 to 150, 000 US dollars per piece of Hermes Birkin bag which obviously signifies the iconic symbol of fashion, luxury and wealth.
Hermes Birkin bags come in hundred of colors to choose from. Interestingly, this made Hermes Birkin bag collector to have a wide array of selections to choose from. In your quest to find authentic Hermes Birkin bags, look for legit sellers or directly contact the official website of Hermes Birkin
Finally, as the widely known exclusive bag in the world,  Hermes Birkin remains the most sought after bag  that wealthy people continue to flaunt its rarity, glamorous and extremely beautiful creation.

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Thursday, June 9th 2016

6:49 PM

Think Before You Click

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I am disappointed with how some people manage to react on issues circulating in the social media. Pointing out to those who are not critical thinkers who easily react or share issues without scrutinizing or digging deeper its roots. I am referring to fake news sites or we call it satire sites and some are hoax sites trying to make chaos in the news society.

Today, it is but obvious the irrisistible surging of these fake/hoax/satire sites that popping up faster in the social media. I know these sites are trying to play with gullible people who easily react or believe that the news is true. Tendencies are,  they quicly share or react to the issue without looking at the source because they believe that the news is really true.

Now if you have that critical thinking, you dont easily believe into it but rather do the check and balance so as not to be fooled by an invalid news from a fake news sites.

Sometimes if not always, we have to be responsible in every action we are taking into because our actions tell us what kind of persons we are. Do you like to be called a gullible one? If not, then think twice before you click or else you will be a victim of cyber bullying.

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Wednesday, May 29th 2013

3:28 AM


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After a long two-day trip, my body's resistance went down which left me susceptible to flu. I had a weak workweek due to coughing, sneezing,runnynose and headache but even though, I still go to work. Some friends adviced me to take a rest but I insisted to work since I feel much comfortable working than resting because it makes me weaker when spending more time lying or sleeping at home. Thanks to the meds I took, it helped me lessen the burden plus some water therapy which of great help in releiving me from flu. Now, I realized that maybe I lack excercise and Vitamin C to make my body's resistance stronger. So from now on I will make sure that I can spare some of my time doing healthy regimen because HEALTH IS WEALTH.    
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Thursday, May 16th 2013

11:16 PM

home-maker tips

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I'm glad to share this household tips and tricks for our dear home-makers.  


Smelly hands ......

*don't throw squeezed citrus since it can be used to deodorize your smelly hands after holding fish or things with foul odor.

*If the odor of onion is hard to eliminate in your hand...rub it in a stainless steel spoon while washing your hands in the water.

Ant control.........

* Put ground cinnamon in the area where the ants house.

* Mix 2/3 cup water, 1/3 cup vinegar and 2-3 tablespoon dish soap and put it in a sparing bottle and spray in the area where the ants pass.

Natural Mosquito Repellents

* rub the body with rubbing alcohol and rest assured mosquitoes won't dare to bite you.

*Put  Vick’s Vaporub in your leg's area to avoid insecg bites.

*Mix the same amount of pure vanilla and water for a mosquito and tick repellent.

* Dab lavender oil on your pulse points; it smells great on you but repels insects.

Be a good home-maker and enjoy life with your family and loved-ones....

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Wednesday, May 15th 2013

6:25 AM

Social Networking not a fad

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Almost everyone in this world is now hooked to internet because of social media networking. Many reasons why people choose to spend their golden hours in the internet and tucked away from the supposedly regular chores in their homes or even in the office.

On the other hand, I personally disagree labeling social networking as a fad. It is not like a whim nor a fashion that maybe called a passing fad. Yes primarily, social networking is our way of making and building friendship  to many people around the globe. Connecting friends old and new or making it as an online dating site.

For some people like me, I see social networking as a primary business tool. It provides connections and prospects that can be of help in promoting your business. It is imperative for people engaging into business to stay up to date of the latest trends of online marketing and internet use in general.

Admittedly, working performance of some employees or even study habits of students are greatly affected because of the internet evolution. I myself can attest to this since  I feel guilty to some point where instead spending my time to doing household chores yet hooked to internet.Sad to say that irresponsible use of internet will only eat out  quality times that is supposedly spent to more important things that has to be done.

Yes, internet evolution has made life easy but at times you might be a victim of few corns that came along with this revolutionary facility. So, be cautious and responsible enough in using internet and see to it that the site you are hooked is right for you.


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Saturday, May 11th 2013

1:56 AM

To a Dear MAMA....

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Today, a day before mothers day seems getting me to a gloomy feeling, maybe because I can't celebrate mother's day with my beloved Mama Inday beside me tomorrow Mothers Day. It's my long time dream to be with her, eat with her, chat with her and even laugh with her on this special day for mothers. I envy those who have their mother's beside them because they have their mothers who always listen to them and comfort them when frustrations and disappointments trigger.Though how lucky I am, I still have my mother alive which I can still enjoy her company when time permits us to be seeing each other.
I was touched by an advance mothers day message sent to me from a friend Doc. Rey Salinel which said " give your mom a big kiss and a hug for me and tell her thank you, kasi  kung hindi dahil sa iyong mommy, hindi kita nakikilala".. thanks so much doc Rey for this message, if only I can kiss and hug my mom, I will do so, tightly.
Anyway to my Mama Inday, thank you so much for the immeasurable and unending love. I still can't forget how you sacrifice the hardships when I was in college just to give me your all out support in reaching my goals and aspirations.    
God is really good, He answered our prayers, but I still have this ultimate goal...which is to give you a comfortable and happy life....Happy Mothers Day mama...I Love You so muchhhhh mwahh mwahhhh 
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Thursday, May 2nd 2013

3:58 AM

Birthday cake

This beautiful birthday cake received by a friend. It's sweet yummy taste signifies the love and sweetness of the person who gave this gift. Many birthday celebrators especially kids love to have cake in their special day.This is one of my frustrations I remember when I was a kid because I celebrated my birthdays without cake like this.


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Friday, April 26th 2013

1:25 AM

Water for a healthy life.

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I realize how vital water in our health  is when I personally witnessed my sister's suffering from a urinary tract infection. It made me feel guilty because I too usually do not drink water as much as eight glasses a day as prescribed by doctors.The scenario pushed me to buy a tumbler for water container and obliged my self to drink. Now I am glad and confident about my health upon religiously following the exact amount of water to take everyday.

Drinking lots of water everyday is therapeutic in a natural way. It prevents, treats and rehabilitates for the improvement of ones  overall well being.

Remember, the benefits of drinking right amount of water everyday is the key to a longer, healthier,and a more vigorous life.


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