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Wednesday, May 15th 2013

6:25 AM

Social Networking not a fad

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Almost everyone in this world is now hooked to internet because of social media networking. Many reasons why people choose to spend their golden hours in the internet and tucked away from the supposedly regular chores in their homes or even in the office.

On the other hand, I personally disagree labeling social networking as a fad. It is not like a whim nor a fashion that maybe called a passing fad. Yes primarily, social networking is our way of making and building friendship  to many people around the globe. Connecting friends old and new or making it as an online dating site.

For some people like me, I see social networking as a primary business tool. It provides connections and prospects that can be of help in promoting your business. It is imperative for people engaging into business to stay up to date of the latest trends of online marketing and internet use in general.

Admittedly, working performance of some employees or even study habits of students are greatly affected because of the internet evolution. I myself can attest to this since  I feel guilty to some point where instead spending my time to doing household chores yet hooked to internet.Sad to say that irresponsible use of internet will only eat out  quality times that is supposedly spent to more important things that has to be done.

Yes, internet evolution has made life easy but at times you might be a victim of few corns that came along with this revolutionary facility. So, be cautious and responsible enough in using internet and see to it that the site you are hooked is right for you.


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Thursday, February 24th 2011 @ 9:01 PM

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