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Saturday, June 11th 2016

9:33 PM

A Dream Fulfilled

I was once dreaming of knowing how to bake and decorate a cake. My memory still serving me well since I still remember during younger days which I had this lilttle envy to some of my friends who were equipped with baking tools that probably made them easier to bake a cake.

Honestly, I was once fascinated with cakes but it was a bit difficult for me to buy one because of money constraints. Yes I celebrated birthdays in my early life without a cake to slice that even on simple cake my widowed mom can not afford to buy. 

Believing in the thought of having a cake in your birthday is a grandiose celebration that is why I felt a bit sad when celebrating my birthdays without blowing candles in the cake.

Now when looking back to my younger days, it keeps me motivating to achieve the things which I dont have. This is the reason why I am painstakingly learning and practicing baking as well as cake decorating through watching videos in the internet. It is a self learning yet fulfilling because it helped me achieve my dream.

As I gaze upon my cake creations, I can not resist but have the feeling of being in cloud nine. I never thought I can make almost a hundred cake designs in one year of baking. This made me realize that nothing is impossible if you only have the courrage to do the things you want to do.


Aside from a learning experience, establishing good relationship with clients and earning income contribute a colorful journey in life's day by day events.

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