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Thursday, June 9th 2016

6:49 PM

Think Before You Click

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I am disappointed with how some people manage to react on issues circulating in the social media. Pointing out to those who are not critical thinkers who easily react or share issues without scrutinizing or digging deeper its roots. I am referring to fake news sites or we call it satire sites and some are hoax sites trying to make chaos in the news society.

Today, it is but obvious the irrisistible surging of these fake/hoax/satire sites that popping up faster in the social media. I know these sites are trying to play with gullible people who easily react or believe that the news is true. Tendencies are,  they quicly share or react to the issue without looking at the source because they believe that the news is really true.

Now if you have that critical thinking, you dont easily believe into it but rather do the check and balance so as not to be fooled by an invalid news from a fake news sites.

Sometimes if not always, we have to be responsible in every action we are taking into because our actions tell us what kind of persons we are. Do you like to be called a gullible one? If not, then think twice before you click or else you will be a victim of cyber bullying.

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